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Hello, I’m David

digital marketing & seo consultant

Understand the Why!

Digital marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. Most of the “experts” tell you what to do, but doesn’t explain how or why. 49% of organisations who do digital marketing, still miss a strategy.

I help for individuals, big & small companies to grow their profit by supporting their marketing and content strategy creation, SEO education, execution & advisory.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Succesful digital campaigns start with research and planning. The goal is to identify KPIs, to reach and engage your customers.


A strategic process used to improve your site’s visibility in search engines (mostly Google) organic results.

Project Management

Deliver marketing programs on time with way less stress. Set up workflows for projects to notify task owners when they should begin work.

Analytics & Reporting

In order to understand your campaign performance, measurement is a must. Optimization only can be based on real data.

Competitor Analysis

Identifying your competitors and evaluating their digital marketing strategies is a must. Compare their campaign activities to your own products’ or services’.


You don’t always have enough internal resource (time or knowledge) to train your coworkers. That is fine. Company training helps your workforces to be on the same page as you.

David Minorics

I am a Hungarian online marketer who uses business logic every day as a digital marketing strategist and SEO consultant.

Former finance professional and business developer. Turned marketer. Turned SEO expert.

I helped to build the leading SEO blog in Hungary. Former marketing lead of a startup called Intellyo.

Now looking for new challenges.

Make Your Users a Priority.

I certainly will.

Content Strategy & Management

You already know you want to get new users with your blog and engage with your content?

Good! Do it based on a well thought out strategy to maximize your results. Use a framework that helps you to minimize the effort you need to take.

Consistent Link Earning

Probably you already heard that links are one of the most important factors for search engines, for SEO.  Also, you may know it’s pretty difficult to get links from others nowadays.

You have to pay attention on your competitors while you balance your own link earning and topic-related authority building activity. 

Technical Audit

Crawlability, indexability, page load time, site user experience. Do these sound familiar?

Your site has to be able to serve the needs of your users and search engines at the same time. By making your website correspond to the right technical and usability factors you can be sure you can build a castle on the grounds you have.

Turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors. Don’t miss out!

Testimonials & Featured References

David is the biz dev SEO expert that every online business needs: he makes sure that the SEO mindset spreads into every decision.

Worked for years with David on the leading Hungrian SEO site. He is one of the top SEO professionals I've ever met. David is a good combination of will, skill and knowledge. And the best thing: he gets the job done. I certainly would recommend him as a consultant.

David is one of the most diligent professionals I have ever worked with. His strategical thinking abilities are exceptional while he knows how to break down all the visions to operational level. It's great to see how he uses his unique combination of certain skills like decision-making, problem-solving and project management while he always keeps SEO in mind.It's been a pleasure to work with him in the last 2 years and I'm pretty sure he is the one your growing business needs.

Sometimes I write About digital marketing & SEO

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